Terms and conditions

General info on orders, shipping, payments etc. 

All clothes are made by Mary Vassilieva.
All furniture are made by Paul Blokhin.

Our clothes, accessories and furniture can be purchased at our Etsy shop. We usually post links for our new Etsy listings at Where to buy section of this blog.

Mary sometimes takes commissions. Paul doesn't take commissions.

Some info on Mary's doll fashions:

I prefer to sew the following styles:
casual clothes for everyday wear (jeans, tees etc.); vintage clothes based on real fashions of fifties and sixties; dress robes for magical characters; historical garments; replicas from movies; romantic dresses for little girls (doll girls I mean).

I make all the patterns by myself. I pay much attention to achieving a proper fit of my clothes. I like to sew for different dolls with different bodies. Each of my dolls has her own basic pattern I use to produce every kind of clothes.

I prefer natural fabrics like cotton or silk. Almost every clothes I make have lining. If some garment doesn't have lining all seams are overlocked. Almost every clothes may be washed. I use sew-on snaps to fasten my clothes. I often use french lace trimmings of high quality.

I sew for my own dolls, some fashions for sale and sometimes I do commissions. I don't have much time for commissions. I appreciate my time rather highly. That's why ordered clothes cost higher than the clothes I already made for sale.

I sew only for the same kinds of dolls like that I have at home.
Here's the list of my doll models:

Tonner Tyler
Tonner Antoinette
Tonner Matt
Tonner Marley
Tonner Kickits
Iplehouse SID Woman large bust
Iplehouse SID Woman small bust
Iplehouse SID Man
Iplehouse nYID Girl glamour bust
Iplehouse nYID Girl medium bust
Iplehouse nYID Girl small bust
Iplehouse oYID Girl small bust
Iplehouse JID Girl
Iplehouse BID
Angellstudio Man 70+ (similar in measurements to Dollshe Pure body, Luts SSDF, Spirit doll etc.)
Kish Riley
Zapf Creation Mini Baby Born
Integrity Poppy Parker

What I don't do:
Glamour ball and evening gowns made of cheap satin with lots of Swarovski crystals, golden lace etc; copies from other doll fashion designers, copies of outfits by doll companies; Anime cosplay, clothes that are aggressively sexual.

Prices for commissions:

Price depends on quantity of work and on used material and trimmings. It's impossible to give exact prices for all types of clothes.
Dolls under 25 cm - price starts from $100
Dolls 25-30 cm (about 12")  - price starts from $ 150
Dolls 40 cm (16"-17") - price starts from $ 200
Dolls 60-70 cm - price starts from $ 250

Payment info:

We accept PayPal.

Shipping info:

All our products ship from Russia via Standard Mail with tracking number or via Express Mail (EMS) with tracking number.

Our local postal service is rather slow but reliable. Shipping to other countries via Standard Mail may take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Shipping via EMS may take from 1 week to 1 month.

Standard shipping for one doll outfit to US and most other countries costs $8.
Express shipping for one doll outfit to US and most other countries costs $15.

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