Here you can see some frequently asked questions.

  1. Is this all for sale? For sale are only those fashions that are in "Buy Fashions" section. The rest of doll clothes in this blog are owned by my dolls or someone else dolls and cannot be purchased.

  2. Can I have an outfit like the one in a picture? I can reproduce almost every doll clothes in this blog. It means I keep all my patterns and able to use them again and again. But reproduced dress may be made of different fabric and have different trimmings. I usually don't buy a large quantity of  fabric.  But it's possible to replace the missing fabric with fabric of similar quality and colour.

  3. How can I learn to sew like you? All you need is a desire to sew and practice. Lots of practice. If you want to sew well do it until you'll be able to do it well. If you sew about a hundred doll dresses you'll master your skills.

  4. What sewing machine do I need for sewing for dolls? If you want to learn how to sew you need the simplest sewing machine with a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch. That's all. 

  5. What sewing machine do you have? I actually use 4 sewing machines. I have an ordinary sewing machine, computerized sewing machine with about 500 decorative stiches, an overlocker (serger) and a flat lock machine. When I work with ordinary fabrics I use a sewing machine and an overlocker. When I work with jersey I use an overlocker and a flat lock machine. When I need to add some additional attractiveness for my dresses I use my sewing machine with lots of decorative stitches.

  6. What is a basic pattern (or a sloper pattern)? It's a pattern  of a garment from which patterns for many different styles can be developed. Basic pattern for a female doll looks like a dress pattern with darts and basic pattern for a male doll is a shirt pattern. Every doll should have her own basic pattern fitted to her body.

  7. Can you give me a pattern for this outfit in the picture? No, sorry, my patterns are for my own use. All patterns I want to share can be found in "Patterns" section of this blog.

  8. What is an OOAK? This means One-Of-A-Kind, unique. This word is used when speaking of customized dolls.

  9. What is a repaint? This means a doll that has her original facial paint removed and got a new face painted by an artist.

  10. What is a BJD? The term BJD generically stands for "ball-jointed doll" and refers to a doll with ball and socket joints that is cast in polyurethane synthetic resin and strung with elastic string. These dolls are primarily intended for adult collectors and are easy to customize by painting, changing eyes and wigs.

  11. How high your dolls are? Most of Tonner dolls are about 16" (40 cm) in height. BJDs are 25, 43, 60, 65 and 70 cm in height.

  12. Who is this pretty doll in a picture? Check labels under the post with the doll. Some info about all my dolls can be found in "My dolls" section.

  13. Who painted your doll's face? All the faces of my repainted dolls and BJD were painted by me.

  14. Where can I buy a doll like yours? Probably nowhere. Most of my dolls are One-Of-A-Kind repaints or custom BJD. The rest of my dolls that are not repaints (like Tonner Ashleigh "Toast of the Town" for example) are very rare.

  15. Can you paint a doll for me? Yes, I can. See my other blog merrydoll.com for further details.

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