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Welcome to MerryDollCollections, resource for OOAK doll fashions and furniture.
This blog makes you familiar with our exclusive collections of handmade fashions, furniture and accessories for Tonner dolls, Iplehouse BJDs and some other dolls.
Here you can browse lots of doll pictures, learn from tutorials how to sew,  use sewing patterns for your own dolls and peer into some stages of our working process.

How to navigate MerryDoll Collections:

News section - blog news
Fashion dolls clothes section - handmade clothes for Tonner and other fashion dolls
BJD clothes section section- clothes for Iplehouse dolls and other BJDs
Friendship bracelets section - handwoven friendship bracelets for fashion dolls and BJDs
Accessories section- different accessories for fashion dolls and BJDs 
Furniture section - furniture for fashion dolls and BJDs 
Tutorials section - sewing advice and step by step tutorials of some popular fashions
Patterns section - our basic patterns for different dolls
Our dolls section - our doll models who demonstrate fashions at MerryDollCollections
Backstage section - some shots of our working process
About this blog section - general info (supported doll types, prices, shipping, terms and conditions)
About owners section - info on blog owners
Terms and conditions section - general info on orders, payments, shipping etc.
FAQ section - frequently asked questions
Contact owners section - contact form for every questions
Where to buy section - links to our E-bay auctions and Etsy shop listings etc.
Order fashions section - order form for commissions
Vintage fashion magazines section - rare fashion patterns from my grandmother collection

How to find clothes on required doll type:

Use labels at labels gadget on the left column of this blog or see labels under my entries at Fashions section. Press wanted label (for example Tonner) and see all my posts containing fashions for Tonner dolls.

Some doll fashions from this blog