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There are two of us behind the brand MerryDoll. We are a couple of professional artists from Russia who became obsessed with dolls. This is some words we want to tell you to introduce ourselves:

My name is Mary Vassilieva.
I live in Russia in the city of Moscow. I have two cute little sons and the best husband in the World. I'm a very happy person because I do what I like.

This is my family and me:

As you can see from this blog I'm very fond of sewing. But I'm not a professional seamstress. I'm an artist.

After I graduated my Art Institute where I was trained as a professional artist and book designer I started to work for some publishing houses. Very soon I discovered that book designers are very unwealthy and unpopular persons in my country. So I tried to do my best at finding some new ways to make money.

That's how I became occupied with dolls. I really loved dolls all my life. Accidentally I saw some info on Tonner dolls in the Web. I started to collect these awesome dolls and to repaint their faces. In some time I became rather well known as a doll artist because of my portrait repaints.

My business was booming but after three years of doll repaint commissions I felt nervous and exhausted. In next two years I painted very few dolls but made lots of clothes for my dolls. I've found out that sewing was the very thing that keep me serene and happy.

Now I work on book design, doll repaints, BJD face ups and developing doll fashions. My motto is "A change is as good as a rest".

I was raised by a Grandmother who was an artist, a fashion designer, a professor of Fashion History and a seamstress at the same time. I was a witness of her constant sewing activity. Gran tryed to teach me sewing but failed. When I was a young person I showed not the slightest interest for sewing and other crafts. She only managed to teach me how to do some sewing stitches by hands and how to make a dressmaker muslin on a form. Gran hasn't had an electric sewing machine but an earlier version of this device.  Gran took several tries with me and her vintage sewing machine but I was no good.

When I was eighteen I suddenly felt a desire to wear handmade jumpers and mastered knitting and crocheting from the books.

When I was twenty three I decided to marry a man I loved and found myself in a need of a decent wedding dress. We had very few money. I couldn't afford any dress at that time. So I go to my local fabric shop and purchased a peace of white taffeta. My aunt gave me her old electric sewing machine and I used it the first time in my life to produce a wedding dress :)
That was a success. Somehow I managed to create a fascinating empire style dress that has a great fit in a twenty days. I made a good looking bride.
That's how I began to sew. After sewing dresses for myself and some children wear I gave my sewing sympaties to dolls. Dolls can wear all styles I can't because of their long legs and slender model bodies. Now I'm mostly sew for dolls.

Now I can operate every sewing device (such as an overlocker for example) easily. I think Gran would be proud of me.

Besides dolls, painting, drawing, sewing, knitting and crocheting I like to read. My favourite books are Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series.
I love children and want to have more of them.
I'm also a great opera lover and a soccer fan. And I have some ideas of doll sculpting. I have now a male BJD doll in process. As you can see my head is very full of interesting things.
I think that's all about me that is worth your attention. If you want to know more just ask.

Now have a few words about my husband and how he is related to my doll business. After six years of mixing up with dolls I said to Paul: "I'm bored of the only doll chair I have - I use it in nearly all my doll shots!" That was it. In the evening I've found my husband surrounded with his instruments, peaces of wood and other stuff like this. He was making a vintage looking armchair for my dolls.
Since than we became a team.
And this is what Paul wants to tell you by himself:

Hi, there! I'm Paul Blokhin, a traditional artist. I specialize in making etchings. My favourite etching technique is mezzo-tinto. Besides my main art job I have a furniture making hobby.

When I was two years old my tough woman of a mother used to give me some spare peaces of wood, nails and a hammer to play. She was busy in the kitchen and I had to entertain myself with building.

When I was six I often was told off by my Grandfather because I kept taking different instruments from his workshop.

Let's skip many years.
After marrying my wife Mary I've found her house crowded with vintage furniture that needed throwing away because of its pathetic state and tons of books laid in heaps. In a few time I redid all of these wonderful armchairs. All our friends  kept asking where we bought such a beautiful furniture. After some furniture redo's I occupied myself with building bookcases for my wife's enormous library, shelves for her doll collection and tables for our elder son's activities.

Unfortunately there was enough furniture for our house and I can't find any ideas for what to do next.
That's why I was very pleased to hear my wife is in a need of doll furniture. After making some highly approved chairs for my wife's dolls I asked Mary if there are some other doll collectors who may want such furniture. That's how my chairs started to find their way to the hearts of doll collectors all over the World. That's all.

We hope you'll enjoy our blog!

Warmest regards,
Mary and Paul.

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