Friday, February 13, 2015

Shirts for Tonner dolls with Tyler body

Cotton shirts are very useful in every doll's wardrobe! Made in 2013

Three different shirts from the same fabric.

Short sleeved shirt with wine buttons
This vintage-looking shirt can be very elegant when tucked into the skirt.

Shirt with 7/8 length sleeves and brown heart-shaped buttons
This shirt looks great when used like a jacket with a tank top. Hermione wears it with my hand-knitted beige top and pants from other doll designer.

Long sleeved shirt with wooden buttons
This shirt designed for Tyler body, but can fit teen 15" body and Antoinette body, because of having soft pleats instead of darts.
Luna (she has a teen 15" body) wears this shirt with red leather waistcoat and skirt.
Ginevra (Tonner Antoinette) uses the same shirt as a jacket with her mini dress.

Shirt with pink flowers print
Fannie wears it with vivid pink skirt and crocheted hat and bag

White shirt
Inara looks gorgeous in this plain white shirt and bright red skirt.

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