Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Medieval bestiary" tees collection. Tonner line

"Medieval bestiary" is a collection of tees with iron-on prints. All the prints made of my own drawings inspired by old etchings of medieval fantastic creatures. 
Tonner line of the collection includes tees for Tyler, Antoinette, Matt and Marley. Made in 2014-2015.

Allocamelus t-shirt for Tonner Matt body
Also called an Ass-camel, this creature is part camel, part ass.

Harpy t-shirt for Antoinette body
In Greek and Roman mythology, a harpy (plural harpies) was a female monster in the form of a bird with a human face.

Harpy t-shirt with long sleeves for Tyler body

Two pretty harpies

Amphiptere t-shirt for Tonner Tyler body
An Amphiptere is a type of winged serpent found in European heraldry.
Modelled by Luna who is on a Tonner 15" teen body

Three girls in "Medieval bestiary" tees

Amphisbaena t-shirt for Marley body
Some legends say it is a serpent with two heads, one at each end of its body.

Different Tonner dolls in "Medieval bestiary" tees

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